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Don't know what you're complaining about - their credit crunch concession is two easy pays of £232.00!

And a whole show of expensive pieces, case in point a ring for £2478.00 on right now!!! but again on 3 easy pays of £826...any takers? Time they got real
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Wonder how many of the TSV they actually have.....shouldn't imagine it is many, doubt many will be wanting to by it anyway, people are cutting back these days so don't think a £400 tanzanite pendant is on many peoples shopping lists!! :rolleyes:
And what a weird model. She looks like one of those characters in Wallace and Gromit.

Why have they done her hair like that?
Thing is, some people can still afford items like this. The credit crunch hasn't affected everybody in the same way. I quite like watching these shows for a change, even though I don't particularly like Tanzanite.
Maybe they should have a TSV that's more affordable to the majority of people and just put the expensive stuff as normal items in the shows. I love tanzanite but find it quite soul destroying that a TSV is still out of my price range easy pay or not.
I would not pay that kind of money for Jewellery even if I had it, not when there is other ways in which you can spend your money or even help others financially.
I can't believe how much QVC charges for their Tanzanite! :dontbelieveit: They must be laughing all the way to the bank.
They keep telling us that it's an investment. Rubbish! Jewellery isn't an investment item anymore and hasn't been for years. A jeweller will pay you for the weight value of the metal and that's all, as I found out to my cost a few years ago.

Besides, who would want to buy it when you can get imitations that are so good you can't tell the difference without expensive testing kit and cost a tiny fraction of the price? Unless you're swayed by the fact that all these so called A-listers wear it.

I don't want to stand on moral high ground but I'd rather give the money to starving kids in Africa or something.
I nearly fell off my chair when I looked at todays tsv! Okay having it as an item on offer for those interested but as a tsv can hardly have mass appeal.

More than that, it doesn't even look expensive and I would have preferred a nice imitation :)
I can't believe how much QVC charges for their Tanzanite! :dontbelieveit: They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Well it depends if anyone is actually buy their Tanzanite or not!!! :laughing:

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