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Jun 24, 2008
A digital photo album? This is surely just a digital photo frame by another name and, when you consider you can buy a 7" one for £30.00, this is overpriced for one half the size.

Are QVC arrogant enough to think that their reputation will coerce people into paying more for less?

They don't want to end up in the same financial mess as Ideal World seem to be in although, to be honest, I think the management teams in both the US and the UK have a better business sense and are more savvy than that at IW.
can someone tell me where you can get something like that with similiar amount or more photos ,as i want for pressie for my daughter .
Uummm..I don't know lots about this, but having a look on Amazon the only other portable (2.5" screen) one is over £60. OK, a digital photo frame can be cheaper. I have one. It is mains operated, does not save or copy photos, you have to use an SD card with your pictures on it, and I wouldn't say I would want to carry it around for folks to look at - too big and heavy. It depends on what you want to do with your pictures. Most of mine I try to hide, not show. :eek: I think the colours of the TSV, pink and red, look really cheap. I can't tell how good the pictures are when shown, some look grainny. How long will the battery last? What if your camera doesn't take SD cards? :33: It's not for me, my photo frame is fine, but there are probably people out there who will think it's just the thing.
I got one for my dad from PC World. Same price but free shipping and money back with TopCashback. The did have another which was £10 cheaper but it had a bulky attached stand. The one I got was by Telefunken. Probably cheaper now with the VAT reduction!!!!!!


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