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Jun 25, 2008
With the huge question mark hanging over this forum as to what Rocks are doing with their prices, I don't know whether to buy anything or not :(

I flicked over during an ad break and saw a very lovely pink sapphire ring - pear shaped, about 1.7 cts and two surrounding pear outlines (if you see what I mean) of diamonds. 14ct white gold, SI diamonds. It looked lovely and went first to £299 and then to £259. I thought it was beautiful, but I was suddenly caught in a huge limbo of indecision, because I don't know whether it was a good price or not - at least I am sure that it was a good price and previously would quite probably have been first finger on the button, so to speak. But was it the best price? I am now so confused as to whether they are selling at clearance prices, or higher prices, or what they are doing, that by the time I decided to try and go for it, both rings had gone. Ho hum. Well done to whoever got it (or them, as there were two of them) and I'm sure it was a least I think it was... at least.... Oh well, £259 saved.
If you're unsure of prices Pimms then you should go with your gut feel. If the ring is one that makes you want to buy it and it drops to a price that you can afford and it looks right then press the button to buy! If you have worries about the price, you can always post on here, gather a few opinions and then send it back (or cancel your order) if you're not happy.

If the ring was 14k (are you sure it wasn't 18k cos I haven't seen them sell 14k), 1.7ct pink sapphire (presumably colour treated?) and it had accent diamonds then it sounds an ok price. Not cheap but not expensive.

If you've got the item number why don't you call CS to see if you can buy it on Monday? Do you have the item code? It would help to see the ring to give a more definitive yes or no.
Hi Pimms, I saw the ring when it was on air in the auction it was 18kt gold and I have seen it sell before at a higher price before think it was £299, don't know if it has sold at a lower price, prices do seem to vary quite alot with the this channel at the moment, do think in general prices have gone up, prices aren't clearance imo though compared to what they where selling for before xmas, have seen the odd piece of jewellery go for about the same as the pre-inflated so called 'clearance' price, if you are still interested have you tried ringing the sales line as I bought an item out of a game before xmas and was charged the day's falling auction price and not the fixed price - worth a thought if you are still interested:)
Ummmm......hard decision Pimms, impulse buying is a bit tricky when you happen to spot something after just tuning in. Particularly when you've got no benchmark figure to compare with - and unsure if these prices are really at a clearance level.

I s'pose you'd have 24 hours to ponder on it before checking out the item and if you can Sky+ it and then watch the presentation again to give you more thinking time. I've caught the back end of presentations and fancied an item and sometimes snatched...if webbers are allowed....but more often dithered and lost it. But very often these pieces appear again later and if very a lower price!

Does any of the above make sense?....:33:

Will :mysmilie_770.gif: it now.
Thank you all!

Yes, it was 18ct - I've lost my typing abilities too :confused:

I suppose the thing to do is try and ignore what the prices are labelled - 'clearance' or otherwise - and concentrate on whether they are good prices whatever the label. And I'm just a bit out of practice as I haven't been tuning in often enough :)

Sacha, you made perfect sense, as always :D

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