TJC - London Fashion Week Inspired Jewellery with Vicki Brown


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London Fashion week 2009 showcased stunning Jewellery and unique fashion trends to the whole world. Vicki Brown of The Jewellery Channel was present to look at the Jewellery trends for 2009.<br /><br />The trend for 2009 include: Big and Bold Jewellery, Statement jewellery, Pearls and Sterling Silver. Outstanding Jewellery colours for 2009 include: blue, pink, green, yellow and purple.<br /><br /><img src="/images/tjcfashionweek.JPG" border="0" /><br /><br />At 3pm this Thursday and Friday Vicki will be presenting London Fashion week 2009 inspired Jewellery to you. Tune in to see affordable luxury that fits the Jewellery trends for 2009.

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