TJC doing "server updates" this morning.


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Jun 22, 2023
I must confess that I don't watch a lot of TJC during the busy 2am-6am slot. But I was a little confused to see a cavalcade of trailers, watching Andrew Bernard do a few circuits of the world's largest kitchen and the like. I had a look on the YouTube stream, and Rob Lamarr and Joanne Vandermerwe-Mahon were sitting on chairs, Richard and Judy style, telling the viewer how they couldn't sell any of these items due to a "server update".

Does this seem like the sort of thing that rings true? It seems odd that they'd go to the effort of having this small section at just after 2am explaining the issue, before staying off for almost 2 hours with no further explanation.
Perhaps another one following IW down the pan?

Looking at the last accounts they posted, which was last year this years will be in Dec, they seemed to be making a health profit (£13 million) and pretty much financially secure. Of course a lot can change in a year.;)

TJC beauty especially looks risky, reducing broadcasting hours by 50 %. I’ve not watched for days as I cannot cope with the incorrect claims and sales pitches they have resorted to of late. This morning I thought I would try as it’s got to be better than the news. I lasted 5 minutes. come on beauty why subject us to the same presenter. Switch it around a bit. They need their wrist slapping again, the sales pitch for the Cavi shaper, Ridiculous . Talking about inner child, psychology, because she reads about weightloss, her mums a fitness trainer, her friend does food labels , her brothers cousins aunt has obesity and this qualifies her to give out such advice. It’s dangerous! Does anyone buy this? The same sales person the same desperation to sound credible. Please get some more presenters so we hear different dare I say credible sales pitches., Anyone else feel beauty is on its last legs?
Haha,the Beauty presenter’s face is enough to scare me off.Her mouth looks comical.
Her lips looked dreadfully bruised today. Yes her mouth is strange her aesthetic practitioner needs to tell her enough is enough , her face is so distorted. Again fraudulent claims, no device has done that!

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