TJC + Argos selling same items?


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Jun 24, 2008
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have been on, skulking around jewellery websites etc, and found this on TJC...
item no 579905 ( for £69
which looks a heck of a lot like
catalogue no: 233/7300 (|Jewellery+and+watches|12109210.htm) ..who are selling it for £48.89 (claiming its less than half of the normal £119.99 price)

I had read before that TJC and Argos stuff all came from the same place ... didnt think they would be selling at the same time though .....
TJC (or rather STS the parent company) sell to Argos (the Elizabeth Duke range) and also, I believe, to QVC.
I'm quite surprised as the Argos quality, especially the diamonds, is generally terrible! I wonder if they use slightly better diamonds in the TJC pieces?
TJC (or rather STS the parent company) sell to Argos (the Elizabeth Duke range) and also, I believe, to QVC.

think they also sold to Walmart in the US ... my friend got some sets when in Florida that looked really really familiar ...

just never thought they would be selling the same pieces at the same time ...
Don't think they're exactly the same; I'm not blindly defending TJC here - I'm the first to admit they're very similar.

The TJC piece appears to have a more elegant shape; it is wider relative to its height and more modern in style, IMHO (assuming the pics are accurate!)

The Argos piece is more '30s style - classically proportioned and almost "square" in dimensions.

The TJC piece has a diamond weight of 0.25 carats and is 2.2 gms of gold. The argos piece does not state what it is (or at least, I can't see it - happy to be corrected on that point).

I think they are different pieces in terms of their style and there may, or may not, be a difference in the weight of the diamonds and/or the gold.

But they are very similar; for the difference in price you might reasonably expect something which stands out more, I agree.
I was told from somebody who works at TJC (a couple of years ago) who STS sold to so I know that this info is correct (or at least was then). Obviously they won't use the same grade diamonds for Argos as they do for, say, Iliana because it's a different market and price point. Similarly, I know they sell Tanzanite to QVC - whether it's in loose stones or finished pieces I don't know but I suspect that STS keep the good bits for themselves!
Wow, when you enlarge TJC one, they do indeed look very very similar !
*pops by for the first time in a while*

I've noticed that some of the semi-precious stone bracelets at Argos have practically identical designs to ones on TJC, such as my "exclusive, can't be bought anywhere else" Mozambique garnet bracelet...

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