TJC’s Fresh Talent Competition - Ending Soon!


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TJC’s Fresh Talent Competition - Ending Soon!

<img src="/images/tjclogo.png" border="1" alt="The Jewellery Channel" title="TJC" hspace="4" vspace="3" align="right" />The public voting of The Jewellery Channel’s Fresh Talent Competition is ongoing but will be ending soon. On Monday 20th April 2009, and at 7.00pm, the top three designs will be announced live on TV (Sky 650).<br /><br />There is still ample time to choose and vote for your favorite designs. Simply log on to <a href=""></a><br /><br />Prizes for the Top three designers are as follows: <br /><br />1st - A cash prize of £1,500; One item manufactured by The Jewellery Channel from his/her winning Jewellery collection and a freelance design contract with TJC for the supply of further Jewellery designs, on terms to be agreed.<br /><br />2nd - A cash Prize of £750<br /><br />3rd -A cash prize of £500<br /><br />Watch out for stunning Jewellery at rock bottom prices and special discount offers (both on TV and online) during the hour of declaring Fresh Talent winners. BE PART OF THIS SPECIAL SHOW.<br /><br />

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