Timed or Quantity "Games"?


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Nov 12, 2008
Hi All

Noticing Rocks & Co moving away from timed games towards quantity games, just wondering which everyone on here prefers.

I prefer the timed games - I don't want to be sat watching the same piece trying to sell for an entire commercial break (or entire programmes in TJC's case sometimes), variety is the spice of life. If they have 3 pieces, tell the viewers, give them 2 minutes, and if they sell, great. If they don't, just move on.

I think I prefer the quantity games - if the items don't sell, they have to keep dropping the price until they do, so you tend to get better bargains.
I have mixed feelings. If I don't particularly like something and have no intention of buying, I prefer a timed game so I know it will be over soon and will continue watching.

Of course if I'm buying, a quantity game is better as it will go for the lowest price unless some trigger happy twonks come in too soon and the price doesn't drop enough :hump: :lol:

If all games on all channels were timed, at least the bottom price would be consistent and there wouldn't be the gut wrenching feeling you get when you see something go much lower - usually the day after the MBG runs out!

........But would I want to pay the price determined by the channels and not the buyers? Oh I haven't a clue............. :blush:

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