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Sep 15, 2008
hello everyone

Don't know about you but I've got tons of unused & unwanted jewelry boxes from Gems and other channels for that matter. Got huge assortment of ring, pendant and earring boxes sitting in a corner gathering dust.

It's time that Gems and other shopping channels show their "green" credentials and set up recycling programes for surplus and unwanted boxes. Boxes could be collected by courier delivering an order.

It's would be a good green policy for us customers too and we should be given money off vouchers or credits in return for returning boxes in good condition naturally.

What do you think fellow shopaholics????

Lin: 43:
I DO chuck 'em out - I'm always chucking out boxes.

I have another idea: why not make the boxes optional? Even if the optional boxes were free, I would opt NOT to have them unless buying for a gift. Even better would be if they gave a small discount - 20p would be better than nothing - for forgoing the box.
Good idea about foregoing the boxes, my only concern would be items arriving damaged. Sara had a ring delivered last week or so completely flattened (not from Gems).

Perhaps the charity shops could make use of them, they often have bits and pieces of jewellery to sell, and they would look so much better sitting in a nice box. Or maybe they could sell them on and make a few bob?

Lin, what a good idea! It would be a bit like the plastic bags from charities that arrive through the door. There could be an option on the order form to receive a (recycled?) plastic bag, which would then arrive with an order, ready to fill with unwanted boxes. I'm not sure about handing it over to a delivering courier, because I'm not sure what goes back to Gems that way - my returns go via the post office. But it's something they could think about. I hate throwing the boxes away. I put the outer boxes into the recycling, but have had to throw away huge amounts of the rest.

btw, welcome to the forum!
I've never bought from Gems but my local charity shops are more than happy to take my Rocks or QVC boxes. That way I can be a bit green and I don't have to look at the piles of boxes, reminding me of my excessive purchases!
Hi All

Very pleased with all the responses to my comment.

Donating boxes to local charities is a good idea but if everyone did it the chariites would be swamped with boxes in the end and they will refuse to take in any more in the end!!

Recycling is good but I personally hate throwing away things that are still usable and it doesn't address the main issue of getting Gems and other companies to implement "green" practices.

Making boxes optional as miss magpie suggested sounds interesting if Gems can wrap items safely for delivery and if they can offer money off (50p per box?) or credit for forgoing boxes.

Optional boxes may work for Gems & other companies in that not only does it establish green credentials for them but may save them significant money in the long run by ordering fewer boxes.

I think if masses of customers start demanding that Gems adopt an optional box scheme with money off or credit for customers (as we are giving up a right and don't forget box price is calculated in total price of item we buy!) then they would have to listen.

Should we start saying something to Gems & other channels we buy from when we are ordering or emailing them??

Thanks Pimms for the welcome, I am happy to be here.

Lin :63:

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