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Just glad Greasy's gone
Jun 26, 2008
Up here.

I've just had the second of my Tiffany lights die on me-this time it was the Rooster.

I don't know wether to try to get on to Customer Services-I've had them both (well all of them) over a year or give it up as a bad job, or I wonder if I can leave a bad review?

Not best pleased!
Sorry to hear the lights have gone out and you're left in the dark.

Hope you have joy with Customer Services and they can shed light on the situation for you.
Oh that's such a shame, i've had some of my Tiffany lights from QVC for 7 or so years now and they are still working perfectly. I think these are some of the nicest things QVC sell (well some of them are lol) so it's a shame that you have had problems.

If you ever get anywhere near the outlets in Warrington/Shrewsbury they normally have a selection of the lamps in with significant reductions :)

Hope you get some joy with CS
hmmmm I don't know-I didn't watch the show the other day. And I won't be buying again, that's for shoooor!

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