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Jun 24, 2008
Oreck Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner with Arthritic Approved Handle
Item Number: 828877
QVC Price £194.00
Today's Special Value Price £159.94
Availability In stock
UK P&P £6.95

Clean up with ease using this lightweight vacuum cleaner from Oreck. Weighing in at just 4kg (8.5lbs) this compact cleaner is easy to manoeuvre and carry up and down stairs. It boasts an ergonomic handle - designed to benefit users with dexterity problems - which has been approved by the US Arthritic Foundation. But even though it's light, the vacuum cleaner still delivers a powerful performance, picking up deep-set dirt with its high-speed 11,000 bristle brush bar. This is a cleaner that's built to last!
I would have bought this, if it had been the TSV around a year ago. The one that they put on last year was £300+, so in the end I bought a Dyson DC24, which I am very happy with, but I really did want an Oreck!
The ergonomic handle could do it for me.....especially if you sit on it. :D :pPC:
You should try Henry Sue, talk about suction, he could lift your carpets right off the floor :whistle:

hi mad4gems, does henry suck well? i have 2 dogs and the fur is awful, and my aeg broke in november so i am currenly using a broom, luckily no carpets but such a chore

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