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Jul 18, 2008
I had lost all interest in jewellery in general and Gemstv in particular, mainly 'cos of the useless website :mad:.

I had watched a bit lately and they seemed to have stuff I hadn't seen before, but still wasn't tempted to order, when I saw the ad for the return of Morganite. I foolishly tuned in to what I thought were the last few minutes, knowing I rather wanted a large solitaire pendant but hoped I'd missed anything I might like. I wound up the lappy - just in case - and found the website kaput, for me anyway :rolleyes:.

So when this came on, with 10 in the game, I did what I've never done before and phoned up with only 2 left, for ...........

It was a gorgeous colour and went at £166, but I've been here before, so I'm trying not to look forward to it too much. I hope to God I don't have to send it back as my local P.O. has closed :mad:.

Last chance to thrill me Gemstv, don't let me down - please!

I just remembered I have a £5 discount voucher in my emails, that'll do for me!
Hi Lynda
I saw the magnolia morganite pendant when in was on tv earlier it looked stunning!!! the colour was really brilliant think it's one of the best colours of morganite I've ever seen, I hope it's just as good when you get it home, hope you like it, if it is anything like as good as it looked on the tv earlier then I think you will be very happy:) well done.
Just happened to flick onto Gems and saw your pendant being auctioned and it looked stunning.

Really hope you get a goodun because

...... you've been on that wagon for far too long!! :D
:wow: That looks an absolute stunner, no wonder you fell off the wagon. I hope it's as sensationally beautiful IRL.:thumbup:

Oooh Lynda, started to have palpitations
seeing just part of the thread title!

I've had a strong
so now back to the business in hand.....

I saw a quick preview of your lovely pendant and it did look a very good colour for Morganite.

I think we'll all be keeping our
that your fall off the wagon will have a soft and rewarding landing.

So wishing you.........
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Awwww thanks peeps.

It had better be as good as the one on my tellybox!!!!!!!!! :eek:
If its half as nice as it looks in the link you'll be chuffed to bits Lynda. Hope it works out well for you:)
Mmmmmm beautiful. I hope it is all you wish for.
I saw that pendant and loved it too. I bought the big gold morganite ring with the 4 ct beautiful colour stone. It is coming tomorrow so I am so excited. I hope my stone looks as nice in reality too.
Thanks again everyone! :D

Glitzy, was it the one they showed at the end of the 7pm Sunday slot? Again I forgot to watch 'til it was nearly over and only caught sight of one ring. It was lush and a beautiful colour. Can't wait to see yours!

My order from Saturday is showing as in progress, I've no idea when it's actually coming now as it doesn't show on the front page anymore so I didn't notice what day to expect it and the chap on the phone said 5-7 days. :confused:
Hi Lnda,
Yes that was the ring. It has arrived now and I love it. Stunning colour. I am just going to post a new thread, but it's not real photos, just a link to the item.
I paid the extra 1.00 delivery( 6.95) for premium delivery it comes within 48hours of ordering and you can track your order online. My DPD man comes around the same time every delivery so I virtually know when to expect it.
I hope your pendant arrives soon and you love it as much as I lve my ring.
Thanks Glitzy, glad you love yours. My pendant has been dispatched today but I wasn't offered premium and completely forgot they had changed couriers! Boy am I out of practice. :eek:

Off to have a peek at your thread :D

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