Thoughts on this grey Tahitian pearl necklace?


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Apr 16, 2009
Hello everyone

You might remember I was hankering after Julia's gold cuff bracelet - but at £330 I thought it was a bit too much (even as a 30th birthday present to myself)

I went for this instead

It 's a grey Tahitian pearl neacklace - item number 671326

I always loved grey pearls but my mum thinks it's a bit drab looking - it hasn't put me off it completely but I just wanted to canvass some other opinions

My sister bought that pendant, I think in white gold, and she loves it. She says the pearl is a good size and colour, and that the chain looks really good with it. Hope you enjoy your new pendant as much as my sister enjoys hers. :)
thanks for the link, kittenwithclaws - just worked it out

There was a similar one as the TSV but the bale was slightly different where it attaches to the chain - I preferred this one

glad you like it - I love grey pearls whereas my mum doesn't so it was probably the the colour putting her off in general rather than the necklace itself
I love the grey pearls. I have a few Honora pieces in grey and think they look really classy.
I think they're classy too, sue - more understated than some other pieces but very elegant (my mum is more of a magpie and can't resist anything sparkly or glittery).
I've had that pendant for a couple of years Mavornia and I love it. The pearl is a good size and it is an elegant piece, very classy too. I think you'll be wearing it in another 30 years.

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