Thought I'd died and gone to heaven...


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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
..when this came on air: 252

As the resident rainbow moonstone obsessive, I was so excited I almost dropped the 'phone!

The bracelet arrived today, and is much more beautiful than the link suggests - please excuse the really terrible photo, taken with my webcam.


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I saw it on air Miss M and wondered if you were watching. As you say, it was much more beautiful on air. Congratulations on getting it and for holding out until they dropped the price (by quite a bit as I remember)!
Wow MissM, that really does look stunning - you must be really chuffed that you managed to get it.
its beautiful!
they have amazing rainbow moonstone ... sorry, you have amazing moonstone!
Wow that's fab! I have a yellow gold Rainbow Moonstone ring from Rocks & Co and it's lovely - had it on at work today in fact and lots of people made comment. Enjoy wearing it Miss M it's a stunner - well done you.

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