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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
First, the returns:

Citrine octagon ring was for my friend. She changed her mind. Was tempted to keep it, but citrine isn't really my thing. Lovely though.
Yellow & white diamond ring - how disappointing this was. I paid £180 and have lusted after it since week one, but it doesn't do anything for me in real life. In fairness, under spotlights, the diamonds dance and twinkle and it's very pretty. But the design which was what so excited me has far too much open space on it for my taste. Shame really, it's actually an L and I could wear it without resizing!
Also returned the mother of pearl & amethyst earrings UA349, again too small for my taste, forgot to do a pic before I posted them!

Now the keepers!

Excuse the rubbish pic, the rings are silver, the pearls are white! All my daylight pics came out fuzzy, so I just quickly did another. This is a very stylish design, really like it.

This is very pretty indeed - a bit long, but I'll wear it further up my arm. The marcasite is twinkly and the MOP is colourful and lustrous. A bargain price too. It's actually gone back for replacement as the stone has a huge lump of glue all over the back though. And the chain didn't quite sit nicely at one side, so I'm hoping the new one will be a little better.

Oops, I bought another pearly watch. These pearls are very big, round and white, and the watch part is so fine and pretty I love it.

Gorgeous gorgeous colours in this with lots of movement. A bit pricey, but I adore it and I can't send it back!

I was a little disappointed with this one when I opened it - in my head the amethysts were bigger and darker! However my friend immediately said how fab it was and once I reassessed it with more objective eyes I agreed. I do love this design, I have the mystic too.




And now my biggest Rocks extravagance! I really thought this would be too small for my taste and maybe the diamonds would be rubbish, but actually I love it. Fell for it the moment I opened the box and it's looked good in every lighting condition. I've figured out why diamonds don't photograph well - they only twinkle properly when they're moving, a video would be better! Hence a few pics to give you a better idea. (Sorry, should have said it's the square one on my middle finger!) The diamonds are very white, and it sparkles like mad. But it's soaked up the last of my finances, so although I have a couple of things in my basket, they will have to wait a few days and will be an end of the Rocks shopping for a while.
I'm poor but happy!
Anne, you have a great selection there. I've always loved the Amethyst and Topaz princess cut bracelet and the diamond ring looks fantastic on.

I've got the Citrine ring, supposedly for a friend's birthday but I'm sorely tempted to keep it. The stone is a lovely cut

For me the 'star' has to be the pearl and silver circle necklace. I've never seen anything like it, it really has that designer look. I'd be happy too and I'm already poor, Rocks has seen to that!

loving that diamond ring - no wonder you're smitten.
loving the amethyst bracelet
really liked that citrine design although the stone looked quite pale. might have been the bright light.
the amethyst/topaz combo looks divine. am so glad you got it - I thought it would suit you.
the pearl circles necklace is really something - I like it very much but must admit I prefer a couple of your others. that said, it really has a late 60s/early 70s vibe about it. it reminds me of a wonderful Chanel circles belt my mother used to wear first on her hipster flares, Hendrix style, and then the A-line shirt dresses and midi-skirts that followed in fashion! :64:

I adore your flamboyant style and can't wait to see some of these pieces IRL one day :11:

PS: also love that you wear the Darls design you had converted! blue diamonds as well - is there no end to this girl's eclectic tastes lol
PPS: time for some blue glitter nail varnish Mrs!!
Gorgeous haul Anne! I could quite happily take a few of those for my collection...your friend is right..the bracelet looks fab! I'm quite envious!
Wow Anne was looking forward to your pictures and they are stunning. Love them all but thats nothing new we have great taste :D
oh Anne, firstly that darls ring, it is fab and should be MINEEEEEEEEEEEE lol

I love your items, sorry some didn't pass muster but they all look lovely to me, my absolute favourite is the pearl watch, I have auto bid on about 3 pearl/silver watches now on Rocks but have always ended up being outbid, I WILL get one one day lol
I love pearl watches and had my eye on a cream one when I visited CR HQ. Sadly it was beyond my purse at the time and when I did get another design home, in mocha pearl, it was too short by miles, even though it was supposed to fit an 8" wrist :(

I totally agree with you about the yellow diamonds, too much space.

Loving the rest though, I sooooo like that MOP and marcasite bracelet, will have to look out for it. Amethyst and topaz bracelet is amazing too.

As for the diamond ring, it just looks soooo gorgeous. Well done you. You might be skint now, but it was worth it!!
wow wow wow Anne I absolutely love the amethyst and topaz square stone bracelet the colours are so vivid!!! An amazing haul of sparklies there lovin it xx
Oh Anne, such lovely stuff! The diamond ring (the one you're keeping) is a dream! I quite like the silver and pearl necklace too, and I will keep an eye to see if it comes up again...
:1: i totally adore the square diamond ring i would have that in my basket at any price (well almost) it wont size up enough for me but a dream ring enjoy wearing it. i also love the amethyst and topaz braclet will look out for that one . lovely haul hun good for you
What lovely piccys of your pieces Anne, I love the amethyst and topaz bracelet,also yummy diamond ring. I remember you creating the Darls pendant ring!! Brilliant.Love the watch as well. Great haul well done you
:wow: Anne, what a fabulous haul, I particularly like the amethyst and topaz bracelet, great colour combination isn't it?


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