This is rather nice


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HI again Suzyglam,

Love the ring, don't love the price. Not sure I'd pay that much for it, but each to their own as the saying goes.
It is an unusual, a bit of antique setting and I like the colour combination.
but I am not keen on 1mm diamonds, as you can't see them, they look like pieces of kitchen foil and are just added to put the price up, but that is imho...
Also, the ring should have been a little wider, as it looks tiny with the gems

That is an unusual style, a new range for GTV? As already said, the accent diamonds have the potential to spoil the whole piece.......ships and ha'pporth of tar and all that.

I was trying to have a close look at its undercarriage and think it may stand quite proud of the finger. Needs to be seen on TV methinks......£399 minimum price p'haps? Nice lot of 18k gold tho.
Voice of reason here. Not good on any level. Sorry. The green diamonds are too dark, the white diamonds are ant gonads, the colour combo is eye watering and clashes.
Ant gonads lol,... lmao!

i am STILL pondering the green dia earrings, meeshoo, could u give a honest opinion dipped in a tad of sugar for the ant gonads? for me theyre alot of money at £175.

You're asking the wrong person I'm afraid. My honest opinion probably isn't what you want to hear because my taste in jewellery may not be the same as yours. However, I always tell people to only buy something if it grabs them and makes them desperately want to own (or at the very least look) at the piece. If you ask 20 people on here about those earrings you'll get a variety of opinions. At the end of the day don't buy them if you think they'll be a good investment (they won't be - very few items of jewellery are) or if you can't afford them. Only buy them if you love them. Then, when you get them hope give them a good test drive. Take the bag they come in, into all lights and see how the earrings perform. Then and only then make up your mind.

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