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Jun 24, 2008
Cloud Cuckoo Land.
Am I the only one to find these pointless? A whole day of craft, fashion, beauty, gems etc seems counterproductive to me. Even if you are a fan of the theme you're hardly going to sit and watch all day and it's so boring when it's not for you. A couple of hours at a time seems more than enough to me. :spider:
I don't like them either. I have emailed QVC several times about theme days, but just get the standard reply saying they like feedback from customers. Don't think they ever act on feedback though.
Personally I like some of them (craft and beauty) but don't like others (jewellery and fashion). I imagine the decision on whether to have themed days or not will be based on sales figures, they must be generating enough sales or we wouldn't keep having them.
Do not like them, even if it is an area of interest it becomes samey and unless people have unlimited funds there is a limit to what you can buy (maybe a good idea after all)
I've heard of people taking time off work for one of these theme days that particularly interests them, so I suppose for these people it's a day of heaven. Personally, I find them boring. The worst one for me is Christmas in July. It's so hard to get excited about Christmas when I'm still waiting for summer to arrive!
All the recent Craft, Beauty and Fashion Sales days have saved me a fortune. I haven't even bothered to look! Thanks, QVC.
I used to like beauty days but the last one was soooooo boring I didn't buy a thing and the same old shows were on all blooming day .
The only theme day I'm really interested in is craft and even then I'm selective. I think they're OK. Days can go by without watching QVC on TV. I tend to keep in touch via the website anyway.

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