The VAT savings have started


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Jun 24, 2008
Did anyone see the TSV launch last night, the MP3 player was £38.98, then Antony said they are going to apply the VAT saving, and it went down............................ 8p yes a whole 8p.

I think someone in QVC needs to use a calculator correctly it should be at least 83p knocked off :52:
But shouldn't they be reflecting the vat reduction across everything now, IW seem to have and they are usually very slow, so why hasn't QVC, in particular Claudia's ring, which is same price as before vat reduction, l am fighting not to buy it at present but if price went down l may succumb, and l want to!!!!!
QVC are pocketing the money themselves, everything has now gone up 2.1% as they have not recuded the VAT

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