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Jun 24, 2008
I hate these timed games. I'm gutted that Gems has rapidly gone downhill recently as I have spent a fortune with them and really enjoyed watching - well some of the presenters anyway! :Thumbsdown:

If the ASA are now saying the games have to be timed then can I suggest that the timer starts as soon as the presenter shows the piece? That way we wouldn't have to listen to them rabbiting on for 5 minutes before the timer starts. Another thing - why start the clock before the plunge when nobody knows what the price will be?

From what I've seen it's a case of item comes on, presenter waffles for 5 minutes (10 in some cases), during that time the timer starts for 3 minutes, price crashes when there is less than 2 minutes to go! :Thinking2:
IF ( and I'm waiting for confirmation) the ASA have changed the rules then they need to re-think! The way Gems are now doing it there's far more pressure on viewers to make snap decisions to purchase which is something the ASA themselves complained about not so long ago!

At this rate it's not the ASA Gems need it's the SAS to come and recue them before they lose all their viewers! :Angry1:
Hi Klosblue
I don't like the timed games either :(, presenters keep saying how good the prices are but in general they are not good - I've bought from gemstv for over 3 years and it's taken out alot of the fun in watching and in buying after all they only will sell a item of jewellery for what they want to sell it for as price won't drop below a certain price because it's not down to quantity and people coming into the games purchasing the item and deciding the price in most cases it's down to the time, I have watched a little and the time I have watched in most games they aren't not selling the full quantity (sometimes only 1 or 2) and I've seen some games where they have sold none at all! I do seem think they have gone done the 'pressure selling' route which I don't like at all:( I'm not happy at the moment with the direction they have gone:confused:
Mmmmm not keen on the timed games either, as I don't watch that often now, are all the games now timed? I did notice that TJC do both timed and non-timed.
Yes all games are timed, they have been this way for the last 3 days and up to now no mention of any end to them either, the worst thing is they don't even do the price crash until most of the time has gone saw a price crash earlier with only 20 seconds left on the timer!!! so seems unfair, at least on TJC they go to one final price with there timed games at the begining of the timed auctions so at least they give you time to make up your mind.
Great point there PandaBear. The ASA told me that they do not like people being out under pressure to buy for example given 60 seconds to decide before the game times out. However, Gems are doing exactly that. They don't reduce the price until well into the 3 minutes - as late as 1 minute to go sometimes. This is very bad and something I think may come to the attention of the ASA. After all, TJC were hauled over the coals for exactly that:-

The other thing which annoys me greatly is that up until just before they decided to change to this crazy timer method, they were constantly having digs at TJC by going on about how they were "a real falling auction" and they would keep "reducing the price until the items were sold". They also went on about how the viewers "dictated the price". Now they have done a complete U Turn!! IMHO it makes their credability go flying out of the window and they look incredibly stupid!
Sometimes they they change the price with only secounds to go as well. I mean who has time to dial the number and press 1 when it goes from £69 to £59 and there is only 10 seconds left.

Great post there Klos hun, like you say it will be interesting to know what the asa do on this.

Thank you for all the info.
I agree, It would be nice if they went back to how they used to be, i used to enjoy it when they chipped away at the price, made me feel like i was getting a bargain:mad:
can't stand the timed games either klos - feels like a ploy to sell items at higher prices. used to like gemstv, didn't watch for a while, then tuned back in recently and was very disappointed. The time auctions have put me off totally, don't feel like you get bargains like before. TJC doesn't do all timed auctions, so why do gems have to?
I watched this morning, time games were on. 5 games went past until anything sold. I cant think what that says can you?:confused::rolleyes:
I've been watching this morning too (for the first time since the Timer began) and it all just seems sooooooo sloooooooooooooow.
I really dislike the timed games and feel that the prices have risen substantially. I will 'vote with remote' and switch off until they change the format.
I used to watch gems tv, now I don’t bother, I hate timers unless they tell you it is going to the lowest price, and even then I hate timed auctions! Id rather not watch gems now, its boring!
They were selling a Kyanite and diamond ring last night, had 3 on, 1 sold, but the price started at £222 then with about 30 seconds to go they changed it down to £59 pounds. Not a bargain imho. The ring was not worth £59.
they used to sell items quickly until the last one was gone. I wonder what it is about the timer that is stopping people from buying? - unless it's significantly higher prices I suppose.

I suppose that it's too risky to snatch before the price crash (because you just know it's not going to drop far enough) - and then after the drop, it's still not low enough...

yeah you're right Sammi, it's the higher prices that are making the difference!
I've been watching Gems over the past few days as I'm waiting for an Aquamarine pendant that's in the shop, but I'm not paying the exhorbitant price they want for it! That's another bugbear I have atm; I've seen items sell for £300 to £500 less on air than they are in the shop! :mad:

As far as the timed games go, for me, it's the perception that I'm not getting a deal anymore. They might as well just have just one crash with a fixed price, then you have 2 or 3 minutes to make up your mind. I actually saw a second crash come in with 3 seconds left in the game. Crazy! If they have to go down the timed game route for economic reasons, then I'd have preferred to keep a mix of timed and regular games as they do on TJC - the reason I'm watching TJC almost exclusively these days (and RocksTV of course).:)
I watched a wee bit over the weekend, but just couldn't get excited about anything. I noticed on quite a few of the items I saw, the price dropped to a reasonable price in the last few seconds. I'm sure that's what is putting people off ...
What is really beginning to get on my nerves during these timed games is how the timer starts and the price doesn't drop till well into the game :mad:, and also, as I often flick between Gems 1 and Gems 2...the camera is focused on the presenter not the gem. How are you supposed to see whats in the auction :confused: Make no wonder people are getting fed up with these timed auctions.

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