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Tanzanite Flasher!
Sep 19, 2009
.... has anyone else had theirs yet? Mine have just come. i am hopelessly in love with the coloured gemstone ones but not so struck on the diamond versions.

Sadly, I am returning all but the the multi gem to cover the costs of my new tanzanite. Otherwise I would keep all the coloured ones, they are very sweet. Smaller than I expected, but ever so pretty.

I know a lot of us ordered them - what do you think?

N x
lol I know this is a long time after your post but I was having a browse.

If you mean the emerald/ sapphire/ ruby/ multigem etc facetted bead necklaces with 14k gold fastener, them I have the multigem, sapphire and emerald versions.

I love them - so pretty and delicate, versatile too. Not at all my usual style. I bought the multigem first - it's still my favourite - but it prompted me to get the others which are all keepers.
I wish I'd bought an emerald one when I had the chance, particularly after I saw QVC's recent overpriced TSV. Let's hope that Rocks can bring these back.
I have the ruby one, which was the only one I saw on air. I wish I'd bought more too! For the price, great quality

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