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Jun 24, 2008
could anyone tell me how she got a job as a *model*..sorry i don't mean to be mean but the way she smiles an flashes her teeth sooooo fake!!!
at the mo she is *modeling* diamonique an her hands an nails are woeful for jewellery....
Is it not Nick Heywood from Haircut 100? Sure there was a thread about it not long back and think it was him.

I actually quite like Beth, she seems like a nice person, she does giggle a lot but she comes across as being very pleasant I think and someone who would be good fun to be with.
She drives me mad. All that simpering and wriggling and inane twittering.

Guaranteed to make me turn off after a while. I can't even bear to see her with the sound turned down.
She's not my favourite - I think all her smiling is a bit false and she's a bit too vocal sometimes. I remember her doing a jewellery show with Charlie once and she never shut up. I agree her hands aren't the best for showing off rings either!
I think she's one of QVC's prettiest models, a sweet girl and I've never noticed her hands. (Call me unobservant!).
I really liked Jo Skinner as well. There was a thread a couple of years or so ago when she parted company with QVC - from memory, I think she had a clash of personalities with one of the male presenters and then went into model management.
It is defiitely Nick Heywood but I thoght she was only a girlfriend rather than a wife
when she used to be on bare escentuals shows it used to make her look terrible and no matter what they did with her it always looked horrible. i am suprised she works as a model. i do feel she comes across as fake and unnatural. i prefer tanya and amica as i feel they are down to earth and real.
Ah i quite like her. She is not the worst by a long way!

I liked Jo too. Weren't her and Tanya meant to be pals or something?

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