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<a href="" target="_blank">The Jewellery Channel</a> welcomes two new presenters to its already highly professional and experienced presenters’ team.<br /><br /><img src="/images/dktjc.jpg" border="0" /><br /><br />Kathryn Camsey and Derek Marks are the new faces that will present TJC's affordable luxury range to you on Sky 650 (all Day), Freeview Channel 31 (9am to 12pm), Virgin Media Channel 150 (9am to 12pm) and online (all day) <a href=""></a>. <br /><br /><a href="/index.php?categoryid=52">Message from Derek and Kathryn</a><br /><br />
TJC are lucky to get Derek, and I'm sure he'll do himself proud. Good luck Derky and I look forward to seeing you xxxxxxxx
Awwwwwwwwww brilliant news! So glad you're going to be on our screens again Derky!
Genuinely good news, isn't it? One of the most watchable presenters in Shopping Telly Land - and I think one of the most genuinely nice folks about, too... welcome back, Derek.
:clapping: Oh wow! Brilliant news that the lovely Derek will be back on our screens! I have been thinking for a while he would be brilliant on TJC :up2:
Warm welcome to Kathryn as well.
Sorry Kathryn if you are reading this. We welcome you too of course.

Ooh,yes, sorry, Kathryn..... should have welcomed you , too... just pleased at thought of return of young Derek's familiar face and I am not familiar with you r work at all. It'll be nice to "meet" you on TJC!
You will adore Katherine, one of the nicest ladies in Shopping Telly, she once sent me a CD about Angels to cheer me up.
It'll be nice to see Derek back on TV. I've seen Kathryn a few times now and she seems very down to earth and cheery.

TJC just seem to be moving ahead and leaving the "other two" well behind! What a difference from the TJC of old when they sold about 3 items an hour! They now have great deals, a very affordable and superior silver range, Under £100 days (noticed Gems copied that this week!), good presenters who don't talk a load of bull*h*t, regular discount codes, honesty about treatments - eg "coated" topaz, "heat treated" diamonds (when they are) and imo a far superior high end range with beautiful Paraiba, Tanzanite, Emeralds, natural coloured Diamonds etc. Oh and don't forget Derek Gibbons who gives me a good laugh expecially when he has a dig at the Queen of Sparkle by saying "don't listen to anyone who tells you that you want inclusions in emeralds" :grin:

They're the only channel I watch for any length of time and buy from nowadays. Keep up the good work TJC.
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Derek is fab and was excellent on Gems, look forward to seeing him on TJC. I cherish my silver emerald ring I have from them and glad that this channel isn't too up itself to only sell gold. As we can't all afford to buy flimsy gold pieces at top prices all the time!
I can see the appeal of TJC's quality, prices and presenting style, but unfortunately I just can't get excited about the designs. I know it's all a matter of taste, but what to many people would be "classic", to me is "boring" - I prefer designs that are more ornate and/or antique inspired, with lots of swirls and openwork (which is why I'm still buying from Rocks & Co, despite the many legitimate criticisms).

I have got one or two lovely pieces from TJC, but I just don't see myself becoming a big customer of theirs unless they expand their range of styles a bit - sorry! I hope someone from TJC is reading this and will take it on board, as I'll be happy to start shopping more with them if they do...
Thank You Everyone..... Love Kat xxx

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for their lovely messages...

The jewellery channel is fabulous and the jewellery really is stunning... If anyone wants to contact me or if there are any pieces you would really like to see you can email me on [email protected].. or we can just have a natter... Thank you and Graham here's a big kiss from me to you.. let me know when your next in London.

K xx xx

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