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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

<a href="/images/tjcwatches.png" target="_blank"><img src="/images/tjcwatches.png" border="0" alt="The Jewellery Channel Watches" title="Watches for HIM" hspace="4" align="right" /></a>On Friday and at 3.00pm, The Jewellery Channel is broadcasting exclusive wrist watches for “HIM”. This is to help increase your options of Father’s Day gift ideas. <br /><br />TJC's watches are exclusively made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel and operated by Precision Japanese Movement. <br /><br />Spend a little of your time on Sky 650 or <a href=""></a> to grab quality and affordable wrist-watches for the special Dad you admire most. <br /><br />Preview some of the watches to be auctioned on Friday (right).<!--StartSdNewsForum--><br /><br />

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