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My delivery arrived yesterday, consisting of the amethyst ring I sniped from Kitkat - sorry KK, but I wanted to maximise my p&p. It's lovely, really substantial amount of silver, very modern looking with the sandblasted silver contrasting the shiny silver. What a bargain at £9.

The amethyst cufflinks which I asked Steve to put in, and subsequently got, weren't quite a matching pair!

However, the mark of a good company is not how they handle things when they go right, but how they handle things when they don't. One quick email to Terrific Tony, and it's all sorted, a replacement pair and a refund of my return postage! Just the sort of customer service we have come to expect from the Bennetts.

OH was a bit disappointed, but he'll soon have his replacement pair.


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Great pieces Mad4Gems. Shame about the mis-matched cufflinks but Tony and the CS team will allways shine thro!:)
Love that ring! I have seen it with other stones, too. Seems to look good in every colour..... :D .... which just adds to the temptation factor, doesn't it? !!
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