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Hi all,

I'd promised you in Rocks Chat that I'd upload a picture of the engagement ring, and Matt has just got round to taking one. So here it is.

It's based on this ring:

But I had one of our licensed partners make it with a 1ct stone in platinum. Gorgeous! So now I understand the feeling of waiting for your delivery to arrive with anticipation!

Kind regards



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Absolutey gorgeous!!!

Thank you for posting the pic.

(Psst fancy ditching the lucky lady and marrying me instead
lovely simple, elegant design John, good choice. Congratulations!

Lucky lady indeed lovely ring whens the wedding going to be John?
we'll all be free on the day i'm sure if you want to invite us and we can wear our nice bling lol
What a beautifully elegant ring, John, your fiancee must be thrilled.

You have chosen wisely, a whole 1 carat stone set in doesn't get any better.

Many congratulations to you both and wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.

I don't do white metals (as I'm sure you've all gathered in Rocks Chat) but that is very very classy.

Wish you both every happiness for the future.
:1: John...Wow what a stunning ring, platinum and a 1ct diamond (absolute heaven!!)

"Congratulations"!!!!!!!! to you both.
Mirabelle xx:40:
Personaly i think you are spoiling her,give her something like this and what will she expect next time ? 2ct and Platinum ? I suggest you start off with something in silver and maybe Diamonique,it gives you plenty of beer mone...errrm scope to impress her in the future.

Lovely ring lucky lady :)
its my 24th wedding anniversary the week after next, wonder what my chances are of getting one of those are :D :D

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