The Craft TSV did you go for it?


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Nov 5, 2008
I told myself I could live without it then picked up the phone and ordered it! I already have the Craft Room multi tool by Helix which is absolute rubbish. The cutter doesn't fit on well at all so it takes ages to get something square. Mine is destined for the car boot! I thought the TSV looked as if it held the paper well while you were cutting which most rotary cutters don't do.
I also got the Fiskers (probably spelt wrong) shape cutters. Hopefully they are as easy to use as they looked when demonstrated.
No purchase here.

Disappointed-was expecting a NEW Scrapbook based product eg Album, papers, ribbons,stickers as opposed to a craft tool :(
Yes, I bought it as well. I got one from another channel 18 months ago but it didn't have as many blades. Daughter is having that one and I'm getting the new one with extra blades & paper. Have to say, the cutter is great & the different decorative cuts are lovely.

I didn't go for it, but thought that it looked good. Hope you like it!

Did anyone hear anything said about replacement blades? I only caught the launch. I've never seen Purple Cow products in the flesh, so was wondering how easy it would be to get replacements.
I went for it too! I have been looking for a trimmer for ages and I thought this looked versatile and it takes 12" papers. I liked the way you clamp the paper in - I'm hoping iIwill have a chance to cut something straight as I'm hopeless....
Wasn't impressed with the demo I saw on it. In one close up shot, quickly cut away from, you could quite clearly see that it had not cut neatly and in another had to cut more than once.

Clamping the paper so it does not move is a good idea though.

Will be interested to read what people think who have actually bought this item.
I went for it too. I only have the Fiskars one, really looking forward to having a go with the decorative blades.
Could I just ask you Aranlady if you find that you have to replace the blades quite frequently? I seem to be forever putting a new one in the fiskars.
How did QVC's price compare with the one you got from the other channel - did you hear a t caller say that she paid over £50 for hers?
Thanks in advance.
I've got a rotary cutter and guillotine combined - bought it a couple of years ago from Aldi for £14.99. It's not flashy (navy and grey) but it does have the thing to hold the paper down. It doesn't have fancy blades. I don't think the TSV was a bad price, it was very nicely put together, but the basic thing does look very similar to mine. If you go on the docrafts uk site, and look up purple cows they do have a video of a very good looking cutter which fold in half for storage and allows you to cut diagonal lines. Am sittting on hands though ....
I bought it - I couldn't resist and when the kids saw it on the telly and liked it, I told myself I was buying it for them........ho hum! LOL

Mine has just arrived, that was quick. I haven't opened it yet ( I like the anticipation, sad really) I'll let you know as soon as I've tried it.
Ok I've tried it out now and it is fantastic, the instructions are very clear and simple, but best of all it is so accurate. I tested it out on a seven inch square then measured it and it was spot on. I've had several rotary cutters and never been able to cut accurately, you end up with a piece the size of a postage stamp! The blades are easy to change and the perforator works brilliantly. The main benefit is that it clamps the paper or card firmly before you cut. The sheets of card which come with it are lovely. Can't wait to get crafting !
I ordered the TSV as well but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm glad babytoes that you think it is good. I have the Fiskers and am forever changing the blade. Now I really am looking forward to getting it. Hope it gets here tomorrow.

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