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Dec 17, 2008
Having knocked Gems a bit, I must say a loud thank you to JOHN in customer services. He's always been very helpful but I was especially pleased to have his friendly voice on the other end of the phone today.

Some of you will know about my little drama today (robbed but untouched physically). I've got orders and a return floating about in the aether, and emailed CS to explain that me bank account is kaput. John phoned me back and was lovely (as usual), and has tidied me up and organised for a hold on activities until mid July which will be more than enough to have got the bank sorted. Given that my brain was all over the place it was particularly smashing to find someone who understood my burblings given that my brain wasn't back in full operation at that time.

Thank you JOHN.

Oh no Argey that's awful! Thank goodness you weren't hurt physically although I can imagine how you feel mentally after this. I hope they get whoever did this to you and if they do they should hang him by the dangly bits until they fall off!! Rotten scumbag!
Hanging by the danglies - i would chop his hands off - make him think twice before robbing again! People who rob like that have no soul, they have no concerns as to how they have left their victims feeling; their only concerns is their own selfish self. My thoughts are with you AB :flower: :flower: :flower: xx

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