Thane Direct Wins Trio of ERA Awards Including Best Product Of The Year For 3 Minute Legs


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Thane Direct Wins Trio of ERA Awards
Including Best Product Of The Year For 3 Minute Legs

<img src="/images/thane_int.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />Thane Direct has won the 2009 Best Product of the Year award from the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), as well as awards for Best International DRTV Production And Best Female Presenter. The honors were handed to Thane Direct as part of the ERA convention’s annual awards ceremonies, which were held Tuesday evening at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.<br /><br />Thane won Best Product of the Year for its globally-popular 3 Minute Legs campaign. 3 Minute Legs is a revolutionary, lower body sculpting machine developed by TV Products (Hong Kong) for Thane Direct. Through its "Guided Assistance Technology," 3 Minute Legs achieves the benefits of squats and lunges without all the stress on the knees and back.<br /><br /><img src="/images/jaynie.JPG" border="0" alt="Jaynie Roberts" title="Jaynie Roberts" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />Thane Direct is now expanding its global roll-out of 3 Minute Legs to encompass more than 80 countries worldwide.<br /><br />In addition to winning the all-important Best Product of the Year category, Thane Direct also took home top honors in the Best International DRTV Production category for Total Vibes and Best Female Presenter for Jaynie Roberts and her outstanding performance in the infomercial campaign for Slim ‘N Lift Supreme Comfort.<br /><br />Accepting the awards for Thane Direct was the company’s Chief Creative Officer Paul Greenberg, who served as Executive Producer for all three infomercial programs.<br /><br />“We are delighted to have won awards in all three categories for which we received nominations,” said Greenberg. “A significant part of Thane Direct’s success is in the commitment we make to producing high quality direct response television campaigns that effectively sell first class products. This philosophy has helped Thane to become the leading worldwide marketer of direct response products with over 4 billion dollars in sales. We are proud to have been recognized by our peers in winning the awards for these three prestigious categories.” <br /><br />Thane was established 20 years ago and has grown to be the leading developer and distributor of infomercial products with fully integrated operations in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Mexico, The UK, Germany, Australia and The Middle East. The company’s resources include distribution channels in more than 150 countries, nine 24 hour shopping channels and seventeen retail web sites. With over 4 billion dollars in sales, Thane Direct’s unprecedented and growing presence in international television, print media, mail order and retail in the world's biggest consumer markets is unrivalled.

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