Teleseal shower/bath sealer strip - what happened?


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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone remember the "teleseal" product? it was a bath/shower sealer strip made in two parts that fitted together and moved with the movement of the bath/tray to avoid it cracking.

QVC used to stock it but no longer and i am bug*ered if i can find it on line now. Its mentioned on lots of sites but when you click through it seems to disappear. I assume the company stopped production.

anyone know of a similar product, or whether teleseal changed its name?

Two years ago we got ours from Screwfix if thats any help. Its round the bath and its still as good as new.
I've just found out about this product today, only to find it's not available! Sod's law...

So I tracked down the guy who made it. He told me they moved premises in September and someone threw away the moulding dies by mistake, and they're still waiting for the new ones to arrive. He offered me a new product they're about to release, but this involves sending a cheque for £34.95 to a residential address. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to risk it.
Teleseal 10 -No more!

"Teleseal 10" -no longer @ screwfix. i spoke to the owner was told a similar tale,said if i sent a cheque for 38.75 he would send me the new & improved rocket seal-Mmmmm?
yes, i discovered this a couple of weeks ago, sent a cheque and got the Rockitseal in about two days, i reckon he posted it before the cheque even cleared. i havent fitted it yet.

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