Tefal jam maker


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Jul 22, 2008
In the UK
This is excellant...we bought it for our mum for mother's day, it makes beautiful concoctions....I made a ginger and honey steamed pudding for sunday tea using mums ginger marmalade, it was heavenly!

If you fancy a go but are put off by I/Ws notorious delivery..Lakeland are doing it for less than I/W with free p&p, they also don't charge for returns and have an unlimited return period, unlike the 14 days Ideal have reduced everything to! Unfortunately they don't do installments or the strawberry plant offer.
i never had you down as a jam-maker :13:

never had your mum down as a jam-maker :giggle:

Bet you've been in a few sticky messes in your time and not through jam making............:cheeky:

I was in the Lakeland Handforth Dean Store last week and could have spent a fortune - not on a Jam Maker though as I'm not keen on the stuff. Interesting to see that it can be used for other things but I still don't think I'm tempted really. Big thanks for the link Anna.
You're welcome, Lizzie :)

I know what you mean about spending a fortune, I have to take a detour when in town so I don't go in, not bothered about the cost it's the amount of time I spend in there....it's pure kitchen porn!
ye, shoplifting and indecent exposure :D

How very dare you! that was a malicious rumour, she got a little confused and thought she was having her smear test, thats all :58:

And the shoplifting was a mistake....it was a hot day and she thought that putting that frozen chicken under her hat would cool her down, how did she know she'd pass out with frost bite of the scalp, I blame the paramedics, they were the ones who stretchered her out before she could pay...poor mum :sad:

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