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Easily Confused
Aug 13, 2008
Today's TSV is a Casio camera, £299, on 2 Easipays. Lowest price I've seen elsewhere is £350, but not available for another month. Full reviews aren't out yet from what I've seen, but how many folks want to take 30 piccies a second and then pick the perfect one? OK, I'm just into the point and shoot I guess! :1:
Saturday's TSV is the new Archos 10 netbook. Full price is £350. Reviews say it is old technology and basically a why do we need another netbook that's the same as the others?
More expensive gadgets, wonder how they will sell? :33:
More expensive gadgets, wonder how they will sell? :33:

Many people just take what the presenters say for granted without checking outside reviews etc.! :(
Occasionally, a real little gem does pop up - I bought one of my girls an MP3 player on a TSV (Sandisk Sansa Clip 8GB) & it's absolutely brilliant, at the time comparing well to other sites price wise & with excellent reviews! She adores it!

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