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Hiya Guys,

First off - thanks for yesterday's laughs, what a great way to spend a first proper day home. I love the midday start, afternoons can hang heavy for me, but my purse ain't keen:0)

Having recovered from the poomonia, the docs decided it would probably be safe to remove the halo and replace with a collar. Hurray I thought, imagining something spongy like the whiplash jobbies that are used so much in medical and insurance jokes. Stupid woman - its another head buster. I actually had to be measured up for it and its 'orrible 'ard plasticcy stuff. It comes right up the back of me 'ed - about halfway, and then there's a chin cup, so me head is pushed up and back - really miserable at the moment. It has a lambs wool lining though to stop any chaffing, but thank goodness its winter, cant bear to imagine what its going to be like in the summer.

The chappie who makes these things was a smasher though, and knew of my love of bling from the pearlies on me halo. The collar normally has a smallish hole in the front for emergency access to the throat. He managed to make this really big, with a supporting frame around it, so I can still wear all me beads and necklaces. I love 'im.

So home she comes last Friday lunchtime, feel me way round a bit - adoring me own little house all snug and private. Drop Katherine and you guys a quick note. Okay, its approaching 5.00 p.m. Ah she thinks, let's have a nice cuppa and sit down in front of lappie and have a larf and spend a couple of quid. Goes into kitchen - splat - straight on me rear, I think I may have tripped on one of me crutches. Well padded and just knew for sure that I'd done no damage but of course can't get up. Had to press me emergency alarm and along comes ambulance accompanied by coppers in case they have to break in. Thank gawd a neighbour has a key and was in.

Anyhows, the paramedics insisted on taking me back to the hospital given the circumstances. Hospital wants a scan - but by now its the weekend innit. So have to have x-rays for the time being and stay until scan Monday and a good time was 'ad by all.:17:

However - enuff now - I'm home and ain't budging. I really missed you guys, had plenty of visitors but why is hospital visiting so uncomfortable? There's also the fact that I'm alone in my hyper-blinginess amongst friends and family, so no-one to share blingy chat.

I've been catching up on your news. As I said before I really liked the midday start for Rocks and it looks as though it could well prove successful. However, I did a 12-hour stint yesterday and can't keep doing that - must be some reason why its unhealthy :26: Given the choice I preferred the upward auction to the dropping one, but it doesn't really make that much difference to me - certainly wouldn't put me off, and let's face it Rocks just couldn't have gone on the way they were. Must have been losing hand over fist and we'd have had no more Rocks - unthinkable!

Ah well - thank goodness for you all, and thank you so much for all your kind messages which Sam relayed to me. Must've been really tough for her, she's completely allergic to computers:34:

See yers later.

Lots of luv and thanks.
So glad you are now ok,hope you don't have any more mishaps.I watched rocks for 12 hours yesterday but i am going to have to stop.If i think its a bargain my finger is hovering,even though i just do not need it!!!!
Take care of yourself and don't do to much,hope you have taken the first step to getting rid of the collar.
Hi Beazot,

Thanks for your message.

The collar's probably here to stay, but I think I'll have a lot of company if the 12-hour stints continue:18:

Lovely to know no harm was done, you definately have'nt lost your sense of humour.Sorry to hear about the collar situation though.I do wish some of the moaners thats around had something to really moan about .keep your chin up argey not like you got a choice though is it see you later in the chat box .and keep smiling
Welcome back Argey. The collar situation sounds really nasty and I hope you get used to it. Nice to see that it hasn't dented your sense of humour though! Naughty words on chat, what next? :lol: (Yes, I've read the other posts on here.)

As for 12 hours of Rocks a day.......:eek:!
Welcome back......

Great to hear that you're back home now Argey, please keep yourself safe and sound.
And many thanks to your DD for keeping us updated.
I missed the chat yesterday, for some reason my browser has taken a dislike to it and won't let me participate! :mysmilie_770.gif:

So wot was it you said again..............?? :D :D
Nice to know you are recovering now and as for 12hours of rocks that is hardcore.Stay getting better and hope the bling keeps you smiling.
Argey, it is just great to have you "home"! What a bummer the collar isn't all you.... and we... hoped it might be.... I know I thought it might be a lot easier for you but it seems that ain't so. :31:

Dropped you a line before I saw this, hadn't heard about you bouncing off your nether regions in the kitchen.... what are you like? I knew those pearls on the crutches were a daft idea :9: Now bg, rubber, dimond studded pads.... THAT's a GOOD idea!!!
Keep well, and best wishes for better health...... love,

Hi y'all,

Still here. Thank you all so much for the great welcome home.

Argey, if you dont like your marcasite watch when you get it can I have first refusal on it please? fank ewe xxx
Hi Argey, OMG I had no Idea you had a fall when they let you home, oh what a catastrophe that must have been awful for you.:60: you better.

Hope you are getting used to the collar now!?
Bling up the rest of you... wrists, fingers, and oh yeh get some toes rings too...

Now then no more mishaps you hear me now...thats an order not a request!!
hope that you take that in the spirit intended :51:

Mirabelle xx :40:
nice to hear you are back argey
hope everything will be well
greetings, Alupha
Hi Alupha,

Thank you so much for your lovely email while I was ill. My daughter was relaying messages to me and they really cheered me up.

ofcourse Lady Darls

Argey, if you dont like your marcasite watch when you get it can I have first refusal on it please? fank ewe xxx

:1:Hi lady Darls...ofcourse you can!! do you want to PM me today!!?
I may have a solution for you!!:59:

Mirabelle xx :40:

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