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Jun 24, 2008
Whats happened to tahitian pearls at gems, I have been searching for weeks to get one, they only come on 1 at a time, and I think they are just doing the rounds, they have had no new ones for a while.
Yes I have been looking on the web, but there has only been 1 on and it gets sold then appears back on a few days later, but a few weeks ago there was about 6 on. I will just have to keep looking, maybe it will allow me to save up a bit for one.
I have just heard the presenter on gems saying that they have no tahitian pearls in the uk at gems at the moment, so that answers my question.
I find with Gems that the stones come around in "clumps" - but when you see lots of something don't ever assume it's always going to be like that. My lust for a Mexican Jelly Opal was fuelled by a glut of them, now there are none in my price range!
It's typical isn't it. When they have a new launch you don't see what you want or the timing is wrong, then bingo, there's a drought. If you look at some other jewellery channels and see the prices they ask for Tahitians, you may be a bit happier to wait for gems to get some more. You'll get more choice that way and not settle for an inferior piece just because you want some and then find exactly the right piece a little later. I've done that before now....:(

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