T caller criticising Julia


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Boris Bear

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Jun 24, 2008
Did anyone else hear the t caller to George Simonton who said that Julia wears things that are too tight? Eeek!
caller into george simonton re clothes too tight

totally peeing myself laughing, t caller into george simonton a few mins ago, told him that his clothes are beautiful and good sizing, "i dont like clothes that are too tight, one of your presenters Julia, always wears clothes too tight" craigs face was a picture as he stifled a snigger!
hope someone caught it for youtube:10:
i've just done a thread on this too! i turned over to show george to my hubbie just as the lady said it.

we both laughed for ages. we have sky plus so rewound it to double check what the caller said.

so funny
I heard it too, George said " No I don't like to see women in tight clingy clothes it doesn't look good" lol. Wonder if JR was watching, she'll do a diva if she was.
Yes, I saw it! Classic. Craig's face set fast! Smile as wide as the Thames.

Does anyone else think that George looks like a David Walliams creation?
Oh brilliant!! :SUE: Wish I'd seen it. :D I bet the vain old flooze will have a right hissy when she finds out, and poor Craig's card will be marked if he dared to grin about it. :YIKES: :D There will be an inquest...why was the t caller not cut off before that bit was aired, why did George not disagree, why did Craig not say anything in her defence etc etc etc....I hear the sound of heads rolling. :SUE: :pPC:
On friday in the fashion hour Julia said she was off to spain on saturday. What a shame she will miss yet another thread dedicated to her. :p
Didn't know which thread to stick this in but this seems appropriate as it covers diva presenters, QVC fashion and T-callers...
PMSL!! Hefty Hoofer Collection :SUE: Elephantine Elegance :roll: More To Love Collection :SUE:....just brilliant!! :clap: 'Is that Naomi Campbell'?? :D and the looks the models were giving the presenters, just hilarious. :D Thanks Huggles that's cheered me up no end. :lol: :pPC:
to be fair to julia most of the fashion starts at 39" across the chest so she would be a small by qvc standards and julia still is one of the best looking presenters.

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