Sweet Peas


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Jun 26, 2008
I'm no good at growing them, they always go straggly and yellow and I end up pulling them out by July.

So I was surprised to hear Richard Jackson say that this TSV is ideal for beginners. Perhaps they are easier to manage because they are dwarf. He is also saying they make good cut flowers, but the stems don't seem long enough to make a striking display like the full size plants do. These would make a nice small posy but that's about it.

the best sweet peas i ever grewwere daily mail by unwins. theycan be grown in a pot as the stems are quite long naturally. they smell devine and are a deep shade of pink. the secret with sweet peas as with most plants is the type of breeding they have.look at the descriptions to get what type you want.
love sweet peas.

Lots of manure, plenty of sun, pinch off tendrils, water early in the day to prevent bud drop, pick, pick and pick the flowers don't let them go to seed.

I love the Spencer varieties for cut flowers and fragrance.

Don't like the look of the TSV at all, stems too short.

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