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Have you had a look at the reviews? There are quite a lot of them and seem a mixed bag. Some people appear to have had problems with the software and it looks as though the company is not interested in returning calls. I have not read all the reviews only the last couple of pages so this may not be that big an issue overall.

I quite like the idea of this but am put off by the fact that you have to move the slider in for the machine to scan every photo individually. This would be very time consuming if you have hundreds of photos to scan.
Thanks Lioness - I haven't looked at the reviews, will have a look but it's not sounding too good!
Hi there
i bought this photo scanner and i am seriously impressed with what i have done up to now. I have scanned in loads of negatives with no problems at all and i have loads of slides to do next. I didn't think it took too long and have no probs with the software (my operating system is vista). I found it easier to use than my flatbed scanner .In fact i am in the navy and my mates are so impressed by it they want to borrow it to scan in all the old photos when have aquired whilst on our travels.
Hope this info helps
I would say stick with your Canon scanner as it has the ability already rather than spend more money on another gadget. Unless you flog the scanner ;-)
Thanks everyone.

I think I'm going to try it because I can send it back.

Hi sheepdog I do use the scanner for other things so would have to keep it. My real reason for wanting something like this is the size of it, we don't have a lot of space at the moment and getting to the scanner is a bit awkward, this would sit close to the monitor so would be easy to get to. Going to have a read up about it before I definitely decide though.
Received it today and have been having a play, I have to say it's great. Took me a while to fathom out how to get the negatives to look like photos but it was so easy after that. Haven't tried any slides yet - got to find them. lol:1:
I bought this scanner just to copy my slides, it looked just what I was looking for.
In use it was a little slow to use, the holder fits just 3 slides would be better if it held 6, you have to unclip the holder place the slides in, scan them, open up the holder, take out the finished and start all over again. The software tried to turn the image into an average setting…very few of my slides were a like for like copy. My wife has a slide copier in her Epson scanner but I’ve never used it because at one slide at a time seemed very slow, and I thought this one might be easier. I used the Epson, it was slow but the results were worth it.
The scanner went back to QVC. Since sending mine back I’ve seen them on E-Bay for around £40, once you’ve copied your slides you have no use for it anymore.

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