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Jun 24, 2008
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Hi all
Piccies of all the great jewellery I kept..... I returned only few items, mainly because they were faulty or not too my taste
Ok, here we go:
YG rings:


love this multigem ring, very sparkly, never thought I would go for a bold design, but since discovering rocks, i am getting more adventurous lol


smokey quartz ring: very susbtantial goldweight, looks very posh!



alex and ruby anniversary ring: they are very tiny, and maybe I will return them. But worn together or with my blue and diamond eternity ring they look nice and noticeable, so probably a keeper


love this ruby anniversary ring: really my cup of tea. The rubies and diamonds are quite large and looks very expensive


to match the ruby ring: they are not too small and very sparkly! I got my sister the same ones but set in WG
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lovely =) but do the emeralds look deeper IRL? look a bit pale in piccies for me :11:
silver bracelet, I have the matching necklace too, love it

i probably return this one, as it is too similar to the silver one above, and this one is more lightweight

pearls: I love rocks pearls, all are stunning...

matches my honora pearls perfectly and sooo cheap at £5


also a couple of quid, real bargain, and feels heavy


love this one, very simple, but pearls are large and expensive looking. i am on the look out for a similar potatoe necklace


great because you can adjust the pendant, very modern looking


another bargain at £10


nice and delicate, I have to make sure the silver strands don't get mixed up, it is great that every silver disk on the chain carries a hallmark


stunning!!!! very modern just love it and got a similar one in dark pearl


not to sure about the moonstone, it is VERY large but has a nice sheen and was only £13


hmmmm, lovely but the stone looks a bit not real.... will make my mind up later this week

I have few bits and bobs more, couple of pearl studs...etc but I have posted enough now I guess and need a cuppa:CHILL:
lovely =) but do the emeralds look deeper IRL? look a bit pale in piccies for me :11:
yes Alupha,
The emerald is paler than the studs, but very sparkly. I first thought returning it because it is not as deep, but I got a good price for it and sits nice on my hand...... I will need to look for a deeper emerald but in a YG setting
Very nice Tia!
Been admiring the emerald ring for a while & it looks lovely on!
Great buys! :4::35:
Lovely things Tia, my own favourites are the little simple pearl bracelet - and the multigem you're returning lol. I do have a few of the bits, and of those I particularly like the pearl adjustable necklace - so versatile and classy looking.
Enjoy wearing them!
Gorgeous things, Tia!

Can you let me know if you decide you don't want the moonstone? Moonstone is my favourite gem and I love large rings, so I'd gladly buy it off you if you're willing to part with it.

Thanks - and Happy New Year!
Well done on posting all those lovely pics Tia, must have taken you some time.

All splendid and value for money acquisitions, but your pearly pieces particularly caught my eye.....bracelets and necklaces.
Great hauls indeed.
Fabulous haul...and lovely, clear photographs too!

My favourite is the alexandrite anniversary ring....really lovely.
Well done Tia - you've got a superb haul there. I know what you mean about the 'bolder' designs - I've surprised myself with some of my purchases ! Loving all your pearl pieces :1:
I love your haul Tia i love rubies and emeralds and rocks pearls
so everything very much to my taste , i do have a few items that you got so well done on your purchases
Love all the pieces Tia a great haul. Want the pearl bracelets they are stunning and a bargain. Wear them all in good health.

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