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Jan 8, 2010
Hello all, this is my first post here so please be gentle with me :mysmilie_348:

I was very lucky at the end of last year to win a competition in a magazine for a £500 voucher to spend on QVC. I have bought some items for family from this voucher but still have just over £300 to spend. Looks like we might be moving house later this year so I don't want to just spend it for the sake of it but would like suggestions what to spend it on.

I love Yankee Candles & bought item number 758081 for Christmas which I absolutley love! I have looked on the website for a similar set that is non christmassy - can anyone suggest anything for a reasonable price? I have a local shop that sells large jars for £9, box of tealights for £3.50, samplers 80p & tarts 55p so if it's better value to go there I will do but want a nice unusual burner. I did see the TSV yesterday but don't really like the jars that much so felt it was a lot of money - did I hear correct that Yankee are back on 14th February?

I also like lilacs/deep purples which is the colour our new bedroom will be so want a nice double bed set around £50-£70 mark. I like item number 830480 but as it is full QVC price at the moment I'm waiting to see if it comes on offer. Otherwise can anyone suggest a nice double bed set? I have never bought bedding from QVC so don't know which brands are better quality & which to avoid.

Thank you very much for all your input xxx
Just to add having searched through old threads from here I have found item number 757846 which never came up when I searched the website. I searched 'yankee' & also went through the 'yankee' brand list but this item wasn't in there until I put the item number in the search box from here. It shows instock but when adding to basket says to call them (I need to call anyway to use my credit voucher) but wondered does that mean it is actually out of stock or just because it's an old item/stock?
Hello PMS (Oh dear) I would like to welcome you to the forum and say well done on your fantastic win.
I can't recommend any Yankee Candles or bedding but I'm sure a lot of forum members will be along to advise you.
Thanks for the welcome, called to order item number 757846 to be told just one left in stock so I snapped it up - sorry anyone else who wanted it - but couldn't resist at that price!

Yankee Candle Teapot Tart Burner with removeable lid
2 French Vanilla Wax Tarts
Unscented Tealight
Small French Vanilla Jar with shade & matching tray/plate

£16.59 + P&P
Hi and welcome.

How long does the voucher last, is there a use by date?

If not why not just hang on to it, until you move and you will then fancy new things for the house?

Oreck vac? Many people swear by them.

Jewellery for yourself.
hi princessmoneysaver did you win the comp in woman magazine?i won that too!!ive got £220 left!im just hanging on to mine untill i see something i really want, i dont believe we have to spend it by a certain time, so im in no hurry
Hi PMS and welcome to the QVC forum. :mysmilie_348: It's a great place and will really give you a laugh if you ever feel down in the dumps.

I don't think your username will hold true once you become a regular QVC viewer - well at least after you have spent your voucher !!

Linda xx
:mysmilie_348: PMS, and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your winnings. I hope you enjoy all the goodies you buy.
Hi PrincessMoneySaver,

Congrats on your QVC windfall and welcome!

Can you spend your vouchers at the QVC outlets? You might get more bang for your buck that way. That's assuming you don't live too far away from Warrington or Shrewsbury, or are prepared to make a day of it.

When I've visited, I've seen loads of Northern Nights... and a few Orecks come to think it.

PS, for those visiting soon:
According to the forum, Birchwood are selling heavily discounted Slankets, but are limiting to 1 per customer.
I guess this is really relevant to Slanket fans only.
:mysmilie_348: and :mysmilie_357: to the gang Princessmoneysaver! :mysmilie_1656: on your fab win. That's brilliant! :mysmilie_1828:

I don't have much advice for you except to mention that the comforters are made from man made fibres and we found that they rustle a lot. I'm a fidgetty sleeper and I keep hubby awake if we use a comforter on the bed.

PS Don't worry about the PMS initials- I was once called Pureinnocentsunshine on a message board and had to get used to being called PIS which is much worse! :eek:
Thanks for all the comments, yes it was woman magazine but think you can only order over the phone so sadly not in QVC outlets. I don't think there is a use by date & have just under £300 left now so will see if anything stands out otherwise will use it when we have moved.

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