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Jun 24, 2008
Kent Near Bluewater
Sue Devitt Silky Eye Shadow Duo
Anniversary Price £14.54
QVC Price £16.00
Item Number 223339
Availability In stock
UK P&P £2.45

Reach out for crease-free colour that lasts for ages with this super Silky Eye Shadow Duo by Sue Devitt. Available in choice of Lonely Splendor (brown) and Dreamtime Legend (oyster); Jewel in the Dust (purple) and Monaco (shimmer); Amber (burnt red/orange) and Tan-Tan (deep brown). With handy mirror in lid of compact. All eyeshadows are 2g.

Sue Devitt Beausoleil Light Reflecting Bronzer
Anniversary Price £21.59
QVC Price £23.75
Item Number 224895
Availability In stock
UK P&P £2.95

Get a sun-kissed glow with this unique 3-in-1 palette. Triple touch light reflecting bronzer (10g) includes shades of shell, sand and bronze. Swirl the colours across your face for a beautiful bronze glow - the light reflecting properties will also help illuminate your skin.
I like this range but only the colours not the foundation/primer etc.

The eye intensifiers are great, really soft and blendable. You can also use them inside the waterline as they're so soft. I'm sad to say I have all the colours and they're all fab! Don't take any notice of the reviews they are not eyeliners in the traditional sense as they're very soft and smudgeable (is that a word?!). Pointe Noire is your can't go wrong classic black. Tanzania is a shimmering mid-brown, not a dark brown. Zaire is one of my favourites - they say it's mauve but it's really more a mauve/brown so if you like brown eyeliners then I'd recommend this over the Tanzania. Bangalore is a shimmering khaki green. They had a kit on last time as an OTO with Ava in it - which is purple.

The eyeshadows are also very silky and are quite pigmented so a little goes a long way. The Lonely Splendor duo is great for a natural look but you can intensify with the Pointe Noire or Tanzania eye intensifier . Jewel in the Dust is great for a purple smoky eye effect - but I would say more evening than daytime smoky. I've even got the Amber/Tan-Tan duo which is really intense but whenever I've worn it people have really commented on how vivid my eyes look (they're green). If you're not sure then I'd recommend the Lonely Splendor or the Jewel in the Dust as a first off.

I also really like the Beausoleil bronzer. I'm fair so the 3 colour mix works really well with my skin tone. However if you've got Smashbox fusions then it's quite similar.

I'm hoping they'll bring some of their cheek and lip colours this time. Alison promised that they would. I'm off on Monday so will be able to watch the show!

I'm sure the foundations etc. are ok but I prefer my BE ones.

Hope this helps.
Twinklette x

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