Suarti Opal Triplet Ring Disappointment


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Some people may remember me missing out on this ring on air and having to go on waitlist, Item number 673804 . Last week i called CS as it was approaching the 40 day waitlist period and was told one was available in my size, but the waitlist order hadn't been fulfilled. Anyway, the ring arrived yesterday and i love it! ....or did! Today i look at my hand and the stone is missing :( I tuned the house upside down looking and finally find it...complete with minute piece of glue attatched! How that stone had stayed in is way beyond my comprehension....also the stone is raised an inch above the flat base of the ring with only fresh air holding it there! :rolleyes:
Phoned CS tonight to be told "waitlist order had arrived and sold out again" and did i want a refund or to go back on waitlist (further 45 days):mad:

I really don't know what to do, i love the ring, but a stone held in with barely visible amounts of glue is hardly likely to stay put! :confused:

Has anyone else had issues like this with Suarti rings???
Hi Tabs, yep, I had this ring once, and exactly the same thing happened to mine, except I never found the stone again!! Was well disappointed cos I too really loved it, but decided on refund as didnt want to risk the same thing happening again. Really poor quality imho.
Thanks for your reply. I really want to get a replacement as i love the ring, but really dont want to risk the same thing happening again.
Such a shame after you've waited so long to get it, Tabs :mad:

Sounds like a refund would be your best option because judgejude has had the same experience and it's highly likely it would happen again.
Aw, Tabs, how rotten when you had waited for so long as well. I think the refund option sounds the best bet but understand your dilemma. Hope it works out for you in the end. xx
So disappointing - but I'd go for the refund. You'll never feel you can take your eye off another.

Something better will be round the corner!
How annoying for you hun.
I think it would be a risk to keep/repair or replace, because it sounds like a quality issue and you might not find the stone next time.
Such a shame, as I've half fancied that ring for ages now, but I will definitely be steering clear after these reviews.
On the other hand, I have a couple of Suarti rings myself and they're fantastic quality.
Tabs, if you love the ring and it's a nice piece of opal, I'd be tempted to get the superglue out and fix it myself. :cool:

Basket case I agree with you. I had a Suarti pendent, well I have many Lol, but this particular one the whole stone fell out and the glue holding that together was only a small amount, I sometimes think the hot weather melts the glu. I superglued mine in place and that was 4 years ago and it is still going strong. Hope this helps Tabs xxx
After more digging around i found how exactly this stone was placed. It consists of the ring outer itself, what i can only describe as a plastic ring sat inside (not fixed) and the stone placed on top held in with glue. I may take it to my local jeweller and see if they can find a safer, more secure way to keep it in place. Will report back if i get any "solid solutions".

I do have a previous Suarti ring, the BCC blue topaz ring with gold overlay on the shoulders, and that one has been fine for 3/4 years.
yes Tabs thats just how my pendent was put together as well with that ring bit round the edge and then the stone. Good Idea see what the jewellers say they may get it fixed.

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