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Jun 24, 2008
Did I miss something. I've been watching for the last 20 minutes or so and not once has Dave piped up with "this is only the belief and the folklore" spiel that you usually have to put up every 30 seconds Denneice used to drive my mad continually interupting the guy to say it over and over again. All Dave is saying is "how facinating" so have the rules changed on what they are allowed to say?
I doubt it.

What annoys me is that they let this bloke say anything at all that needs the explanation. Why let him say a thing about beliefs and lore and myth when they then have to deconstruct everything he says. Smells to me like they hope some people will listen to the bloke (who looks a lot like jerry springer) and not Dennice or Dave or whoever.
I watched a quartz and amethyst pendulum thingy and the guy reckoned it would answer your questions :confused:

I went to classes many years ago to learn how to do it and they can be amazingly accurate. The teacher there had a whole bunch of crystal pendulums and we had to choose the one we were drawn to, so maybe buying one from a shopping-channel is not the way to go if you wanted to use it for dowsing. My BiL at the time knew a bit about that stuff and reckoned it could draw in bad energy as well as good and said I should get rid of it, which I did. I enjoyed using it though cos it was fun.
Some people I knew used to dowse for everything - even what food to eat. It can become a rather obsessive and not very healthy activity for some people as they won't decide what to watch on the telly without dowsing the TV Times first ( I'm exaggerating there :))
I quite like the jewellery and the mythology/folklore behind it, I know it's a load of auld boll*$£s, but if it gives some people a good feeling who am I to knock them.

My best mate loves all that dowsing malarky, she roped me into wandering around a field late at night once with a pair of bent coathangers in my outstretched hands looking for natural spring worked, I fell in a ditch and ended up knee deep in slimey, stagnant water......nice!
I watched a quartz and amethyst pendulum thingy and the guy reckoned it would answer your questions :confused:

I have one of those, I ask it questions when I feel anxious, it can kinda help me relax abit

I must ask it if Idealworld sucks :33:

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