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Is Paul Bridges flogging them as rare, rare, rare? :17:

Gotta admit, there does seem rather a lot!
My Mum ordered a star ruby from A.N.Other channel, and sent it straight back. The star rubies and sapphires they had seen in India were nothing like the ones on sale here, and they were very disappointed.

Must admit, not a stone that appeals to me.

I have a star ruby from gems years ago......Ihave to say its very pretty, a blackcurrent and rasberry colour with a silvery sheen, and when the sun light hits it, its like carrying a little piece of space with me! mine has a great star in it, :22: but hey, Im a hippy I guess! each to there own eh? :)
I keep buying these online, and then ditching them from my basket because I'm not sure.

I think it's quite right that they have got a cheap job lot - but so much the better for us to get a bargain, eh? They do seem very cheap for large carat weights.

Has anyone bought a star ruby from Rocks & Co? Is it nice?
They do seem to have rather a lot of them!

My sister bought some from GemsTV about a year ago, a couple of very pretty Indian ones and a gorgeous one from Madagascar. But it was a pain trying to get examples with a good star - sometimes there wasn't one at all - so there was a lot of sending back. A rather dull star ruby without the star, is ..... a rather dull ruby :(

Edit to say that when the do have a good star, I like them very much :)
I have a ring and a pendant both bought from Rocks by hubby though not me! They are nice and I've worn them to work a couple of times but I wouldn't buy another or start collecting them!

Personally though I'm totally fed up, to say the least, of Star Rubies, Black Opals, Paraiba, Tanzanite..................every hour, every day it's the same gems over and over and over .................................................!!!
The only difference is the prices appear to be getting higher and higher and that's during a "Clearance"!! :Bum1:
I have a small star ruby ring and pendant and they are pretty with very good stars, but I certainly wouldn't add to the collection. Haven't been able to watch much telly at all over the holiday period, but when I have flicked it on I did notice the higher prices - what is going on? I really don't understand how you can call something a clearance and charge more. Anyone at Rocks&Co care to comment?
Yes, I've noticed the price hike, too. It's bizarre, but I can't help worrying that it will dupe those who don't watch as often as us mad obsessives, and who will therefore think they're getting a "reduced" price. Is this legal?

IMO Rocks & Co's prices are great and anyway - it's a free country (just about) and they can charge what they like, but please DON'T call it a "clearance" when it's not!
IMO Rocks & Co's prices are great and anyway - it's a free country (just about) and they can charge what they like, but please DON'T call it a "clearance" when it's not!

Couldn't agree more Miss Magpie. We could understand if, unlike the other channels, they didn't have a sale just now because they've only been going a short time, but to say it's a "Clearance Sale" then put the prices up - sorry but that's just trying to con people!

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