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Oct 1, 2008
A PRETTY TV presenter was stalked for two months by an obsessed viewer who wrongly believed she had fallen for him.

Unemployed cleaner Brian Stapleton, 43, became deluded as he watched the satellite auction channel Bid TV and fantasised that one of the presenters, Claire Stuart, was in love with him.

He drove more than 300 miles from his parents’ home in Cornwall to the station’s London studios in a Ford Transit van that had been eerily modified to help him spy on Miss Stuart.

The van was fitted with a bed, a gas stove and holes in the exterior.

It was also stocked with food and a laptop computer fitted with the facility to watch 28-year-old Miss Stuart on live television as he sat in the back.

Stapleton continually bought goods from Miss Stuart’s live auction show – which is broadcast on both Freeview and Sky – in a bid to have email contact with the presenter.

Ealing Magistrates’ Court in West London heard last week that Stapleton believed that he was actually corresponding with Miss Stuart on the show, when in fact the replies were from administrative staff.

Full article, The Mail on Sunday, 19/04/2009
Is that picture really Clare Stuart - she looks completely different these days (at least to my eyes)

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