Sssh...Another craft day starting monday!


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Jun 26, 2008
Saw a trailer for another 'crarft day' starting monday looks like another 4 day wotsit.........

Must be the only thing that brings in the brass:54:
:11::11:NO NO NO NO NO how much more decoupage, sticky foil, di-cuts etc can any one crafter need !!. There can't be many people out there who need or want all this craft stuff. Are
I W buying in bulk from China and then trying to flog it on to us.:17: :17:
Will they have a preview show on Sunday.

Yeah, they're cutting Glenda Waterworth's show on Sunday afternoon by at least half an hour! (That's the one they cancelled at virtually no notice last time it was due!)
might be good news for some, SW said not many more craft shows (I think it was shows but of course could have been days) with free P&P on IW

But that could mean there are a lot without free P&P:33:
And just when you thought it was safe to put Ideal World on again - Oh no, another Craft Day, lol :21:

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