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The Spotlight Week advertisment with Jim and the American woman has to be the worst ever, the biggest load of cheese I have ever seen.
Bigger than this Graham?


Sorry, couldn't resist it....​
Would it be fair to say that this site doesn't like The Jewellery Channel very much?

I like the Jewellery Channel and have had some nice pieces from them, it's just that that advert IS very cheesey! Although saying that, Jim always makes me smile :D- not so the Canadian lady!:rolleyes:
Would it be fair to say that this site doesn't like The Jewellery Channel very much?

Would be fair Hayden but not through lack of trying, I have tried so hard with this channel but they don't want to know. Think they will have to wake up and smell the coffee before the JML Jewellery Channel arrives.

Having said that it is a ****** awful advert and would say the same comments whatever channel it was on.
On the whole, I like them too.

Jim has really grown on me ... he's such a sweetie isn't he? Not so keen on the new presenters though.
Just seen the advert while reading this post "ooooooooooo tell me about the new collections Jim", "That sounds so exciting, I must set my reminder" Not just cheesey, but a rather large portion of ham too!!!:D
It makes me cringe every time I see it.


:D I agree..

This trailer/advert (whatever u call it) reminds me of the Thunderbirds Puppets .. it is just soo bad I cannot believe it :eek:

Re: Jim: yep, I wasn't' sure at first but he has improved heaps and I enjoyed the bit of his show I watched today, in actual fact, I dialled up and wanted to get the 1st ring he had on the show, but I fumbled around a bit with the fone buttons, got into a complete mess'n'muddle and missed it by a second.... :(

I'm really tempted to get this ring, but won't be watching for a few days.. Hmmm... wonder if I should try the personnel shopper service??? Has anyone here tried that yet???

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