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Jun 24, 2008
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Just thought I'd post this as I haven't seen anyone else mention them (possibly I'm the only picky one who's returned anything!!!).
I posted my returns on Saturday for next day delivery on Monday, the refund was credited to my CC yesterday.
So thanks again to all at Rocks for making both shopping and returning painless. Of course I've already spent the refund money hahahaha! They are getting it back!
I'm not surprised Anne, I remember the days at GTV when that used to happen.

Happily, I still find that Gems TV are pretty good at returning money quickly on returned items and I am absolutely delighted to report that Rocks TV are following up their super-duper Customer Service record with a speedy refund to my cc account for items returned. These were posted on Monday 18th, mid afternoon, received by Rocks TV on 19th and full refund is showing in my account today, 21st August. Pretty good going by my reckoning!

BTW, there was nothing wrong with any of the items I returned: one wasa bracelet that I thought would be too small, but it was SO pretty, I just HAD to try it, just in case!! Other two items were actually duplicate items of goods included in another order ( of six items) which arrived in a second parcel in error. I was able to return all three items in one insured parcel to Rocks and The fab team have done a great job in sorting it all out... as we have rapidly come to expect of them! Three cheers for Rocks TV team!!
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:) same here Ann C I received a refund in my account within 48hrs..
outstanding customer service "Well Done Rocks TV " :D
I sent something back today as well - and I was wondering how you check your refunds.

I love Gems' 'my account' feature with the details of everything you've previously bought and the way you can tell when a refund has been credited. Is there something similar on Rocks? ('cos if there is I haven't found it yet!)
I have seen John Bennett say that they hope to have an account feature in the fututre, Jantaculum.... it will be handy indeed.
three cheers for Rocks!

I have also returned some items, but have been too fearful of venturing into my bank account this past fortnight so will take it as read the refund happened smoothly and quickly. :eek::eek:

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