Speaker, Amazon echo, Sonos, Bose. Best one?


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May 31, 2012
Just would like some advice, perhaps one for Strattobuddy?
I have been meaning to update my music system for ages now, yes believe it or not I still play CDs, but fancy getting a bit more up to date and getting some sort of speaker, was tempted the Amazon echo, not that bothered about Alexa, but it does seem good value or should I got for a sonos or perhaps a boss, I really just want to listen to music through using something like, Amazon unlimited or Spotify, Deezer etc, any recommendations from anyone on here? Who are more tech minded than me, many thanks
I have always been amazed at the sound quality from the Bose mini-soundlink for its size (it fits onto your palm). But you can't pair them up to form a stereo pair of speakers. I bought mine much cheaper than QVC, except my latest one, where Q were cheapest, but then their price went back up to normal.

I also wanted speakers I could play in every room, but all the various manufacture's systems are incompatible. I went tor the Bose radio with Soundtouch, a very expensive system, but Q were cheapest as a TSV.

Then I bought some Bose Soundtouch 10's (not from Q) to go with it, and the Bose app can pair them as a stereo pair, and you can have them in any room.

Don't confuse SoundLINK with SoundTOUCH!
They are different systems, and only the TOUCH is a multi-speaker system eg you can have speakers in every room.

I must have at least 10 Bose systems and/or speakers, but once you choose a manufacturer, you have to stick with it. So I've not tried Sonos or the other multi-speaker systems, but they are all expensive.

PS I really like STEREO sound, and most of the speakers you mention are mono. Although the Bose mini-soundlink has 2 speakers, it doesn't really sound stereo as they are too close together.
Thanks Strato for your helpful response, funny enough I was just reading some reviews about the Bose sound touch on Amazon, and it looks good, I just wonder if I should wait for a Black Friday bargain somewhere or perhaps Q will have a great Tsv soon !
Mr L has been a hi fi (those were the days!) nut for 50 years spending a lot more than we could afford on speakers, turntables etc.

When Sonos first came out he purchased the basic system and now has built it up so that it is streamed to every room in our (v modest) house. The speakers have got a lot smaller since the start (we have every version!).

It would get his vote every time. The only problem he has ever had is with the controllers but they then adapted it to work with a smart phone and now it can can be linked to a basic dot.

Sonos after sales have been terrific but they have expanded very quickly so how long they will be able to give the personal touch I don't know.
Thanks LATI, I have a couple of friends that have a Sonos and they rave about them, they certainly aren't cheap but the quality does seem very good according to them. Decisions, decisions!

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