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Aug 15, 2008
Hi all you friendly people:D I just recently found this website and I thought I would ask if any one knows about the head replacements for the sonic toothbrushes that Pricedrop/Bid/Speedauction all sell. They seem very good value but not if replacement heads are hard to get! Do any of you have a sonic toothbrush? What do you think of it? I have an electric one but are the sonic ones really that much better?
I bought one of the sonic toothbrushes from their sister channel price drop, I didn't pay much(about £17 incl p&p), but I have to say I wasn't impressed, I didn't feel like it cleaned very well. I'm not sure about other sonic toothbrushes on the market, I went back to using a manual one after a week.
We use Ultrasonics from QVC they are very good but when it came to replacing heads it was cheaper to get a TSV with extra heads :cool:

PS Hi Wlenka.
thanks for your answers - and the welcome Snoopy:) I think I will get one of the QVC sonic brushes - at least if i don't like it they have a 30 money back guaratee!
I have been using one of the QVC Ultrasonex brushes for 3 months now after using a Sonicare for about 8 years.

The problem with the Sonicare is that the handsets only last about 2 years, when my last one started dying I thought I'd try the QVC brush after the reviews on here and at about £20 it is sooo much cheaper than a Sonicare, figured on the 30MBG. I absolutely LOVE my cheap QVC brush my teeth felt really really clean after using it almost like they felt when I first started using the Sonicare from a Braun brush.
well having looked into these toothbrushes further I have noticed that there seems to be a "new generation" of sonic brushes that are described as Sonic Ion. Can anyone tell me what Ion means - and also some of them come with a UV Sanitiser - which presumably means you can sanitize your brush heads - which sounds good - anyone tried/seen these yet?
I decided against the QVC model in the end as the replacement heads looked like they weren't something you would want to change twice a day if you are sharing the brush as i would be with my hubby so it would mean going for the 2 brush set which is a lot more money.
I use one of the Colgate Microsonic toothbrushes that costs about a fiver in Superdrug. It takes one AA battery (which can be replaced, but it lasts for ages) and I find it cleans my teeth as well as the old Sonicare I used to have. As flo said, the Sonicare ones have a limited lifespan.
I use one of the Colgate Microsonic toothbrushes that costs about a fiver in Superdrug. It takes one AA battery (which can be replaced,
Checking out your link, it looks exactly like the Colgate "Pulsar" which I use, but you can't replace the battery in it. So I shall have a look for your one next time :)

I can't get on with the tiny heads on the ultra-sonic toothbrushes, I've got a very expensive Philips which I don't use.

We bought the duo Ultrasonnex from QVC, and ours stopped charging after 18 months:17:

just to let you all know - I did eventually buy a Sonic brush - but not from a shopping channel. I went with the OralB Vitality Sonic brush. Well worth it - my teeth are now literally squeaky clean! I have been very impressed and so was my dentist.
Fascin8 ltd on Ebay £4 no p&p for the Sonic replacement heads two pack as sold by Bid-up and my sonic has worked faithfully for years.
We were bought a set of these from Price Drop about 2 xmasses ago, I was 'ordered' to stop using mine by my dentist as he said it wasn't doing its job or I wasn't using it right (more than likely) and I was rubbing too hard on the gum (you are supposed to clean your gums with them too according to the dental hygienist at our surgery) I WAS having problems with sensitivity when I was using it, dentist told me to get rid of it which I did and have had no problems since. OH however is still using his and his dentist comments how great his teeth are at every check up, so as long as you use it properly it'll be great. We got details with ours how to get replacement heads but got a spare set with them as well. :1:
i have bought 2 ultrasonex and they both broke down within a year. not good. and they also have caused some major damage to my gums. i switched to a philips now and it feels SO clean.
I bought the oralb triunph from amazon it arrived on Friday, I LIKE it very much, it tells you when you are scrubbing too hard and slows right down.

Apparently, you can get an accessory called a "tingle tip" or something like, that can be used for something entirely different!!!!!!!! Not that I have ANY idea what that might be!!!! :54::8:

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