someone puked on the set....


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Jun 24, 2008
switched on at 12 to see someone had puked all over the studio set..... then realised it was just the new kim and co tsv

Isn't all Kim and Co ghastly??? No I have that wrong - all QVC 'fashion' is ghastly!!!

I bet the presenters will spend the day saying how the colours are so nice and 'of the moment' and how 'on trend' the top is - but I bet we never see any of them wearing it after today. Do you think they pay them extra to wear this carp on the shows????:r15:
TSV........Today's Special VILE offering.......:11:

This really is the pits, I would not clean my floor with it, enough is enough now QVC, shape up OR ship out....... they do not sell anything you cannot get from High Street Stores or Direct from most Suppliers on the Net.

They Offer this Horrendous TSV, and then show you Lulu Guinness Bags that you need a Second Mortgage to afford, I think they are now taking the P..s
Granny said I should wear a vest...

Isn't all Kim and Co ghastly??? :

Mostly yes, but I wear the Kwim & Co camisoles daily under whatever I'm wearing; I bought them mostly from last clicks over the past 10 years. They're neither fashion forward nor ontrend but they're very "servicable" (another Nana word LOL!)

Jude xx
TSV - Today's Special Vomit!!! Truly hideous and only made worse by the shiny bits on it. I can feel the static from here!
Alison K looked very uncomfortable during the launch at midnight when she and Kim went and stood alongside the models. You could almost feel her saying "don't pan that b****y camera on me in this ghastly outfit"!!!!! :11:
I remember Alison saying the phone lines were hot!
There must be viewers out there with very poor fashion sense.
Anyone want to admit to placing an order for the TSV?
The Tsv is disgusting, made me feel sick looking at it. I would not even use it as a rag!
I wouldn't buy it, but I've seen worse......
And I bet it washes really well and is idea for travel in that it won't crease!
I had the TV on with the sound turned off but hubby couldnt bear to have it on, he said it was so hideous.... we werent even looking at the screen but he found it to be some kind of ghastly distraction!
Can you imagine being a QVC presenter and being told that you have to wear this stuff on national tele?? I would call in sick.
pmsl it is ugly. Wouldn't be my cup of tea lol. But l do have to say l have a kim and co dress and its lovely and everyone coments on it. I also have to say l'm only 27 and size 14.
just think if glen campbell was promoting it he would be talking a good one as he does!! He would be saying that you can wear it on the school run!

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