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Apr 24, 2009
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Been watching Jerrylee this morning on
When she stopped talking i could hear someone talking in the studio. I turned my speakers right up loud and could hear what they were saying. Bit of swearing lots of laughing then something that i thought was a bit odd. :33:When they sold a ring they said it was gone and it had been sold to someone but the person i could hear said that it had not sold. The same happened for the next item and the item after that. There was a crackly noise on the speakers when Jerrylee was speaking and they said that they needed to fix that and would be back in a bit. When they came back from the adverts the other voice was gone but the crackle was still there.

I dont think i like the fact that they are saying that items are selling when clearly they are not! Are they allowed to do that? :58:
Hi OnionTerror - welcome to the forum :)

I wasn't watching this morning so didn't hear this, though it does sound most odd.
I think this is (unfortunately) common practice to keep the jewellery from selling too low and being able to sell at another time. I would assume that all the channels do this. Are they allowed to do it? I've got no idea. I would presume there are regulations of some sort. Perhaps if you look on the ASA website it will help?
Warm welcome OnionTerror, I've suspected this for a long time. Was it one of their ridiculously priced paraibas they were selling I wonder? :54:
I think they tell lots of porkies about what sells. They're definitely pulling out items, saying there are sold, and then putting them back on a different time slot. One of the paraibas, which was supposed to be a one-off etc etc etc went back on air the next day. It was the identical gem, and then went lower than the previous day, which had been withdrawn using the 'mini clock'. I don't think it sold the second day either, but didn't catch it again. I watch on the internet, so can see when items are sold. Sometimes auctions close online ages before it is shown to be sold, and I mean even after the so called 10 second time lag. I think with this new clock they are withdrawing a lot of items to stop the price from going lower. And I've noticed that some of the higher price items just aren't selling, including the paraibas. I think everyone's fed up of the 'get them now before they run out' hype. They haven't run out, there are still many items each day. I just wish they would, and then we could get on with some new gemstones....

And another gripe, with such a 'rare' gemstone, why don't they do really interesting designs, not just the run of the mill stuff. I swear if I see that 'tennis racquet' design again for a paraiba or tanzanite I'll run screaming for the hills. Hasn't it been done to death? The same design has been on screen for months now. So Gemstone Gav, if you're watching, let the powers that be know that, especially for the big, bolder stones, could we not have endless diamonds surrounding them. It just gets so boooooring. How about mixing and matching gemstones, a la Elizabeth Gage, using contrasting colours and complementing colours? It creates such a contemporary look.

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this feels like very dodgy ground to me! ok, if they withdraw it as the price is going too low but to actually imply sold when it isn't, very naughty. clearly trying to give the item an implied value to me.

if you've got an approx. time when this happened, i'd report it to the ASA - if you could hear the feedback, the ASA certainly will too! ;)
Morning and thank you for the warm welcome!
I guess the people at Rocks and co must read this website, because I have noticed now they use the clock more and they don't always say that someone got the last one. Even so, I suppose if they say that someone has purchased one, they are only saying a first name and nobody is going to know if that is made up or not!

How could they change to prove to us that items have really been sold?
I have to admit it winds me up something chronic when they mention peoples' names. I really couldn't give a tiny rats a***e who bought what and I certainly don't need to hear my name mentioned. I think Gems TV are the worst for doing this and have asked them never to mention my name on air, they still call me a 'regular buyer' though, I just wish they wouldn't acnowledge me at all. Perhaps if they were just honest and put a reserved price on the screen it would speed games up a bit...if they don't sell before they get to the reserve price then they should just pull the game as they do on TJC where the games are a lot faster than the old days since they have done this.

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